KZ Insurance Brokerage, LLC has the market knowledge and experience to bring your agency together with the right carrier to provide clients with the coverages they need.  

Our team of qualified professionals will provide:

  • Attentive service,  because we know that you need it to bring in and KEEP the business.
  • Fast turnaround time on quotes to obtain delay-free binds.
  • Low to no broker fees, making our quotes as attractive as possible to your customers.
  • Excellent compensation to producing agents, by giving YOU the biggest slice of the commission pie.
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Team Up with KZ

And take your Agency’s business to new heights!

When you become appointed with KZ Insurance Brokerage, LLC, you will obtain access to all the great markets to which we have earned appointments.  You will receive first-rate service, including prompt quotes and personalized handling of all your account requirements.  Additionally, you will receive a password to our “Appointed Agents” page that gives you 24-hour access to carriers’ forms and other informative documents, as well as up-to-date news regarding our markets.

Obtaining an appointment with KZ Insurance Brokerage, LLC, is simple and fast.  For a KZ Insurance Appointment, we only need:

  • A copy of our Broker Agreement, signed by an owner or officer of your Agency.
  • A copy of your current Agent/Broker license.
  • A copy of the declarations page of your E&O insurance.
  • A copy of your Surety Bond.
  • A signed copy of Federal Form W-9.signed copy of Federal Form W-9.


Contact us today, and let’s see if we can write some business, together!

Once we both decide we are a good business match for each other, we will send you a broker’s agreement for your agency signature.

While this is happening, though, we can begin quoting your risk, immediately!

If you prefer to call, you can reach us at 530.926.6030.

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