Workers’ Compensation

Forms for Acord and Supplemental Applications, Check-by-Fax, Claims and more are available on the Appointed Agents page.

Through all of our monoline workers’ compensation carriers, KZ Insurance Brokerage offers outstanding A Rated-&-better Workers’ Compensation Insurance throughout California – for a multitude of risks, including Manufacturing, Residential Care, Contractors, Service Industries, and more.

We have found our greatest successes to be in larger risks with more challenging exposures or loss history, where the average carrier is hesitant to quote.  We have written business with ex-mods higher than 300, as well as premiums well into seven figures.  Our sweet spot currently is in tougher risks, with $50K to $500K in premium.

While offering well over 200 WCIRB class codes, we feature fast quote turnarounds, competitive commissions to agents, and the services and strength of these A Rated-&-better carriers.

We accept risks with no premium limits or ex-mod limits and consider new ventures, as well.  We can also adjust commission to reduce premium!

If you have an opportunity that you feel may be hard to place, bring it to us!

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